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master in statistics "qualifies" for phd, even from different path?


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put it simple


i study accounting and finance

for the finance we use a lot of applied statistics


my question is simple

my university (which is business school and has a stats department) runs a part time master in statistics for people of different background


with courses like

-introduction to statistics


-computing statistics

-applied propabilities+ frequency distributions I, II

-sample survey I, II

-applied statistical inference

-linear models and data analysis I, II

-Quality testing

-DEcision making with statistics



-non parametric analysis


-Introduction to stat modeling

-data analysis-case studies

-multivariate statistical analysis

-Categorical Data Analysis

-timeline series



do you think a master like this will cover any background i lack for a phd?

more simple

after the completion of the program will i be more or less like that guys that went bsc and master in statistics? or i will still be at disadvantage for phd?

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