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Take GRE again?


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Hi everyone,

I am planning to apply for MS in CS for fall 2014

GRE scores are 153 (Verbal) 163 (Quant) 
Toefl: Yet to take
B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering - Rajasthan Technical University
Percentage: 80

I am confused about selecting universities. My GRE score isn't great but people are saying that I can get decent schools. I dont know where I stand and where i should apply. If I gotta take GRE again, I should decide asap cuz the deadlines are approaching. Following is the list of schools I want ot apply to.

University of Southern California (USC)
University of Zurich
University of Minessota
Ohio State University
Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) 
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill 
North Carolina State University (NCSU) 

I guess most of these are ambitious. Please help me categorize them. Also, suggestions on retaking the GRE are welcome.


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We have the exact same GRE scores for quant and verbal. 


Your Quant is either around the average or above the average for students admitted into most/all the schools you're applying to. And noone cares about verbal unless its too low. 


So no. Dont retake the GRE. Waste of time and money.

Edited by TexasGuy
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