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Anyone Else Still Waiting?


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It's March 31st and I've only heard back from 3 out of 5 schools and my husband has only heard back from 2 out of 4 schools (we applied to the same schools with different majors but haven't heard yet from different schools.) Is anyone else in a similar situation, still waiting and it's practically April? I've been reading on here about people having trouble making choices between their various options, but I can't even begin to make a decision until all the results are in. Ideally, my husband and I will both get accepted to the same school and be offered funding and therefore will not have to choose between numerous second-rate options, but that is looking unlikely. It sure would be nice to know which schools want us and what they're willing to pay, or not, to have us. How are you dealing with a similar situation (with or without a spouse to complicate matters)? I have all sorts of pro-con lists for all sorts of contingencies, but April 15 is approaching swiftly and I'm beginning to panic. I'm afraid I'll have no time to decide and I'm already out of time to visit potential candidates. I wish I could just contact the schools and ask what's going on, making students wait this long just to hear back is really rude, but I know that's a major no-no. Any advice or commiseration is welcome. I can provide more info about which schools, what majors, what sorts of funding, but I didn't think it was relevant. I just want to know how other people are coping with delinquent decisions.

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