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Monterey vs. Elliot

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I apologize beforehand if this topic seems to be repetitive. I could really use some advice, though.

I have been accepted to MIIS (International Policy Studies with a concentration in non-proliferation studies) and Elliot (Security Policy Studies). Since I received a scholarship from MIIS, the costs of attendance at both institutions are exactly the same.

However, MIIS also offered me a free summer at Middlebury College to study Arabic.

Here is my dilemma. Is the opportunity to get a high degree of proficiency in Arabic at MIIS worth to decline the offer from Elliot, which is, as far as I can tell, a generally higher regarded school?

I would appreciate it if some people would share their thoughts about this.

Another question: Since I am an international student, do you think that the location in D.C. would have less significance for me than American students?

Thanks for your help. Any replies are very much appreciated.

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I was in your EXACT situation, with the exception of being in International Affairs at Elliot. Ultimately I will be choosing Elliot. While a summer at Middlebury is tempting - Elliot has a semester long exchange program at the American University in Beirut. Id rather spend 4 months in Beirut than 9 weeks at Middlebury. Plus Elliot has the name recognition and the advantage of being in DC for internship/networking.

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