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Dartmouth Comp Lit MA

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Hey! I'm also interested in this program and hope you could answer the following questions:


1- What do they mean by this requirement? 

  • The successful completion of an independent writing project or honors thesis

I don't have an actual honors project but do have writing projects of about 25 pages. Works?


2- How competitive is the funding? Do most students get at least tuition covered?


3- Do you need to have a specific thesis etc. before you apply? Or can you have just general fields of interest?

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@uraniborg hi, i pmed you, but i'll repost the questions here.


-i'm also wondering about funding--what is it based on? academic record or teaching experience, etc.?

-how specific of a proposal of study/investigation did you propose in your SOP? i have a fairly specific project, but don't know if should be more general, since projects inevitably change.

-did you mention specific profs with whom you wanted to work?

-as a current student, what are the pro's/cons of the program?



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