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Questions about English MA SOP

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Hi everyone!

I'm applying for a Master's in English and had some questions about the Statement of Intent.


1- I understand that for PhD SOPs, they'd like a detailed proposal. Is it the same with MA statements? I don't have anything specfic planned out yet!


2- The MA program is mostly coursework, with a thesis at the end. So would it make sense to talk a lot about my specific area of interest? Or should I talk about literature in general?


3- Should an MA applicant point out potential advisers (even though it's just a 2 year program w/ mostly coursework)? If so, should I contact them first?


That's it for now... I may have some more later. Thanks in advance!

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I don't know much about SoPs for MAs, but I'll tell you what I think.


1) At the least, see if you can say something specific you want out of the MA program.  Maybe something like "I want to deepen my knowledge in ... "  


2) You should definitely discuss your area of interest.


3) Sure, if their work interests you.  Not sure if you should contact them.

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