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Need help on the artist of this print.


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I have to write a paper on this print for a final and I have never taken an Art History class before. All I was given was this print along with another handout that reads: 

Raphael d'Auria (?), Portrait of Parmagianino; engraved by Giovanni Paolo Lasinio (c. 0796-1855) 

When I try to google anything about the print, I get few to no results and when I search Raphael d'Auria nothing comes up. The only things that I have found are two web pages of a painting of the print and one says that a man named Girolamo Francesco Maria Mazzola was the artist who created this print. If anybody is able to help me determine what the names that I was given correlate to or offer any information on the subject it would be a huge help. Thanks in advance to all. 

Web pages I have found: 



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