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Which masters to choose? Computer Science


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I really need some input for my decision. I am applying to Ph.Ds but if I am not admitted, which masters should I choose?


University A:


Times Rank: Between 200-225 in General, between 90-100 in technology.

QS World Rank: Between 400-450


Advisor: ~1200 citations, not very good network outside of his country, not perfect match to my interests


University B:


Times Rank: None

QS Rank: None


Advisor: ~1800 citations, amazing network over the world, very good match




My opinion: Academia is a small world and if you work in a specific field, there are a limited number of people that work in that field and they usually know each other, either in person or by following their work. I feel like I should make my choice depending on the advisor, not ranking on the university. So a LOR from the advisor in university B can be way more helpful than a LOR from the advisor from university A. Because the professors from good universities know him.


What do you think?

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In Masters level ranking doesn't matter.


It matters in PhD level if you are going for the academia. If you're in STEM and going into industry, ranking doesn't matter much.


Besides, if this professor has a world-wise recognition, then this Department's ranking is likely to be higher within your discipline.


You can go for University B.

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