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I've been accepted to Middlebury College's MA in French program in Paris. I would most likely specialize in Language, Culture, and Society, or Linguistics. Has anyone done this program? Or has anyone completed the master's degree at any of Middlebury's overseas programs? Any information about how they are run or how the programs stack up as prep programs to PhD programs would be helpful. How quality are they? I know the summer institutes are raved about, but I'm unclear as to the reputation and quality of the complete MA program. Thanks!

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As far as I know, it's considered to be a top-five MA program. I talked to some scholars and students about this because I was also accepted for the MA and had the same question. It's an unusual program because it's only one year and you spend that year abroad, but from what I hear, its reputation is awesome, and anyone in academia or in the language field knows about it. I think it's confusing to find information on this because Middlebury is an undergrad-only college so it's not at the forefront of rankings and reputations anyway. That they only offer an MA in languages adds to the confusion. It's a really specialized program.

good luck!

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