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LSE vs NYU vs GWU (Elliot) {Please Help}


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At the moment I hold offers from three universities: LSE (international political economy), NYU (Global Affairs) and GWU (International Affairs). I am an international student (22 years old), residing in Europe and I have been able to secure a Fulbright Scholarship (12,500 USD) to pursue graduate studies in the US (at NYU or GWU). My problem is that I have no distinct preference for either of the three universities.

LSE is well regarded in Europe, especially it's program in IPE and given the fact that a master takes only one year, I have an 'extra year' (vis a vis GWU and NYU) to develop myself professionally (internships, extra language). NYU as a university is pretty wel known in Europe, it's program in Global Affairs is somewhat of a newcomer. Academically the program seems solid and NYC provides tons of possibilities to develop myself, I am a bit worried about the lack of focus on professional development and the chaotic impression i got from the department / university in the admissions process. GW is located in the political capital of the world and is thus the most inspiring place to study and even for international students there are possibilities to do internships. GWU is not well-known in Europe, but the program would prepare me rigorously for a career in the international public sector. Furthermore, I got an extra 6,000 USD in funding.

My professional goals are pretty generic, I want to work in the public sector be it the European Commission, a national governmental agency or an NGO. By opting for NYU or GWU I get the feeling I limit my choices a bit, in the sense that I would only be able to work for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or an International Organization.

Anyway, I'll stop ranting. Comments / insights are welcome.

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If NYU or GWU will be limiting in your future career options, then LSE is definitely the best choice.

The only reason I can think of where it might be better for you to go to NYU or GWU is if you could get an internship with great work experience that would look really good to employers in your home country (or wherever it is you'd like to work). But I'm not in your field, so I have no idea what the odds of that are. Someone else on this board probably knows. :)

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