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recommendations on MA programs...

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- I'm an econ undergrad major with a fairly weak GPA. I'd estimate it at about 3.1, although it's from a canadian school (university of waterloo) and the conversion process isn't so simple.  

- I have a variety of poli sci, phil and psych electives although not enough in any one disciplined to declare a minor.  

- I don't have GRE scores, but I have taken the GMAT and my score was 720.  According to different online conversions (based on the relative strength of my verbal vs quant) would likely translate to roughly a 166v 164q, and I could definitely improve on that if need be.  



Obviously I'm not much of a contender for highly ranked schools as is, but I've been out of school for approximately 4 years and want to use an MA as an opportunity to get my foot back in the door to up my applied GPA (for other programs down the line), to flesh out ideas that I've given a lot of thought to over the years and/or position myself within a better network of people.  I'm primarily interested in working on the public policy end of things.  I'd actually prefer to just get my foot in the door at some kind of government job that I could work my way up in, but those positions are difficult to come by, I have no useful connections and I don't feel comfortable lying on my resume.  


I realize this is pretty vague and I don't expect specific recommendations, but I would appreciate any general advice.  


ie: would an MA from an unexceptional school add any value?

would i be better off contacting the higher caliber schools and trying to sell myself (via explaining my research ideas)?  

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