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Do US universities like graduate students applying to the Ph.D. programme?

Sarah Wang

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Just like the title.


I'm getting my master degree in Shanghai. This is the final year of my postgraduate study. I am applying to the Bioinformatics Ph.D. programme in US. Sadly, as a postgraduate student, I am still writting my own paper now. So my publication number is 0. :(


My undergraduate GPA is 3.76, my TOEFL is 101, GRE is low about 1130. Anyway, the first month of 2014 is really difficult for me, since I have to write my own paper and wait the admission with an unsettled heart.




Is there any postgraduate students here in the forum want to pursue a Ph.D in US just like me? Do US universities like to admit applications like me?

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Hello There!


I am also an international student completing my MS in my home country and applied for PhD for Fall 2014 in US.

Why your GRE score are in the old Format? I mean why didn't you retake it now for the PhD application to improve as you are saying you have a low score?

Did you finish applying? How many school did you apply to? which ones?

Btw, my advisor have told me once that US universities don't trust much the research experience outside of the US ;/

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