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3-year Bologna-compliant degree applicant


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Hi, all GCers here.


I graduated from a fine private university in Prague, the Czech Republic, and earned a Bologna-compliant bachelor degree in business administration (3 years, 180 ECTS credits).


A little more question-related background about myself:


3-year W/E (teaching) in a top 3 for-profit education company 

1-year W/E (assistant to CEO) in other fields

Applying to master program (TIE)


I have submitted the application and now that the waiting game starts, I have some questions that I would like to seek answers from here.


1) Does HGSE normally accept 180 ECTS credits 3-year Bologna-compliant degree?


2) Will a business administration major significantly hurt my chance of admission, even though I have relevant work experience? i.e., HGSE prefers people from education-related bachelor background?


3) Have here been any admitted students who come from a non-education bachelor ground, i.e. sth like management or pre-law?


Any help will be appreciated!



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There is a business component to Education Administration. I don't see why it would hurt you. Most states don't offer a general B.A. in education, I myself am doing PoliSci. I have known admins who came anywhere from Urban planning to chemistry for their undergrad.

I don't know what area of higher ed you want to work in.


If you want to work in Student Affairs, you don't really have experience.


But you should be alright just talk to the program rep, many colleges of international students with degrees from all different fields of study.


MAC, thank you for your help. So is it like law school, where people come from diverse backgrounds?

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