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Hi all,


starting a thread similar to others but with a policy focus, haven't seen any of those posted recently. I just applied to 5 varied PhD programs with the goal of studying higher ed policy, focusing mostly on higher ed accountability systems and financial aid polices. So I ended up applying to a mix of HE and public policy PhDs:


Northwestern Social Policy and Human Dev

Duke Public Policy (great economists working on education here)

UMichigan HIgher Ed Policy

UW Madison ELPA program

George Washington U Public Policy


I am curious to hear from current students about their experiences in these programs, or from folks in other programs I may have totally missed! Though for family reasons I was geographically constrained.


I'm of course also nervous about chances of admission. My undergrad GPA is 3.61 with a degree in economics, 3.96 GPA in grad school with a Master's in Econ, GRE is 161 Math, 165 English, and 5.5 AW. I have a lot of experience (8 years, 1 in consutling, 5 in higher ed, 1 in K-12 ed) and research, and think my LORs and SOP are good, though I'm sure most people feel theirs are good! The waiting game sucks, especially with a whole family to potentially move. I'm pretty sure I have no chance at Northwestern or at Duke, but am hoping!


Good luck to everyone!

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