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I realize a great deal of the forum chatter is about full-time doctoral programs (especially PhDs), but having gone into debt over my master's (MPH) and currently in a comfortable research position at a good company, I'm inclined not to go the whole full-time student route again.


It seems like GWU has a solid program that is research-focused (despite being an EdD) in Education Policy that is part-time/nights and weekends.  Does anyone know anything about this program or have any experience with it?


I'm more concerned about financial support prospects - generally those that are designed for 'working folks' do not offer the same type of financial support as PhD programs. 


If anyone has been looking at this program or has any experience with it, I'd love to hear from you!  Thanks y'all... and good luck!

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I applied to a different program at GWU - PhD in Public Policy, in the ed policy concentration. Anyway, my impression is that GWU is pretty stingy with funds, and funding is largely reserved for full-time students. Good luck!

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