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What order are engineering graduate candidates evaluated in?


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I have heard that adcoms review applications in a certain order. Is there any merit to this? 


For example, all international students are reviewed first and then domestic PhD candidates then domestic masters students.


Does anyone have any details on the general process? I understand each school and individual departments may act differently but, any information would be helpful?



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Every school is going to be completely different. The school I work at just sends them to review as they come in. If the review committee does them in a certain order after receiving them, it isn't noticeable when they come back from review. It would make sense if the did international students first, though, just because visa issues can take a while to sort out.

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It depends on the Universities, you will not find an answer unless you ask the Graduate program administrator or you know someone working from the University . it may also change from year to year.

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