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Kentucky Patterson reputation/strengths/weaknesses?

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It appears Kentucky's Patterson School is one of my three options for grad school in the fall, and I'm curious to hear opinions regarding its reputation, strengths and weaknesses.

I'm hoping to join the Foreign Service, but I'm also interested in a wide range of government (or private) intelligence or analyst jobs, as well. Kentucky's emphasis on "commerce" simultaneously bothers me and attracts me. I am certainly interested in economics classes, to join courses in foreign policy and security. I'm confident I can take advantage of study abroad semesters and trips as well as DC internships, so I'm comfortable with a location outside DC. But... Kentucky?

Draws: Small class size, highly customizable, very cheap, committed to job placement, FP ranking.

Flaws: Not APSIA member, weak international component, "commerce" focus feels too commercial, location, weak FP ranking.


My stats:

:D Accepted: Denver Korbel (? $), Syracuse Maxwell (? $), Kentucky Patterson ($)

:evil: Rejected: Tufts Fletcher, American SIS, TAMU Bush

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