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Public Universities that offer MA in Sociology


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and not an additional doctorate degree? I am a college junior who is interested in taking sociology at the graduate level? I'm taking the GRE this fall & hope to enroll by the spring.  I'm looking mostly at public universities. If you have any suggestions, that would be great! Thank you.

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Regarding public, I know of some:

Most Cal State schools

Washington State

SUNY-Stony Brook

Oklahoma State


U of South Carolina

Colorado State

Northern Arizona

NM State


In your area, UT Arlington and maybe Texas A&M. Arlington has some critical theory guys that look interesting. U of Houston has a terminal MA program that seems to be placing people in strong schools. New Mexico seems to have a terminal MA too. I don't know about funding for any of these. Some of the CUNY schools have terminal MAs but they aren't funded

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