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Ask for Additional Information Needed for Admissions Application


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Hello everyone, I just finished my writing test and interview with the school a month ago; however, today I received an Email from the school saying: 


You checked the box on the Graduate Admissions Application indicating you would like to be considered for need based funding if admitted, however you omitted your financial aid information on your application. You will not be eligible for financial aid consideration until we receive your information. 


I omitted my financial aid info because I found out that I was not qualified for any listed aid due to my nationality(Taiwan) while I was applying. Does anyone know if it will harm my chances of getting in if I submit my financial status? or should I just summit it and explain I will try to get a student loan back home?



Thanks in advance.


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It's likely that they are just trying to complete your application. Because you checked that box when you originally applied, they are following up to get the information. Just let them know that you'd no longer like to be considered for need-based funding, and then you don't have to explain your financial information (unless they ask for it for something else).


Good luck!

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