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Volunteers Needed for Research Study


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Description of Project:  We are researching the experiences of adult African American males who, at least five years ago, scored too low on the GRE to make it into grauate school.  Your participation will take about 90 minutes.  We will ask you to engage in an interview of your post GRE experience either face to face or through Facetime.


To Participate:  You must be an African American male, over 18 years of age, currently living in the United States, have taken the GRE at least five years ago, and have been denied access into graduate school due to low scores.  You must be able to provide proof that your scores were deemed too low for admittance. 


Participants will be compensated with a $25 Walmart gift card.


If you or someone you may know fits this criteria, please reach out through this post or by calling and leaving a message at 919-888-8944 for a call back.


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I wish you could also do the same for international students where hundreds  of students were denied admission because of the GRE and they were not lazy students or stupid. They just happen to have a different educational system where lots of skills tested in the GRE are not really enforced in their schools.


I do not believe the GRE is predictive of the future of the student in grad school. I know 3 international students who got conditional admission for the first semester. They got straight Aaaas in all their  gard courses , yet the university actually kicked them out because of the GRE! 


It doesn't matter what ETS puts on their website explaining how international students should be judged differently. Grad schools will only look at the percentile so even getting an average score by ETS standards will not be of any importance to grad schools as they look for those with 80+ percentile.  


Personally what really bothers me when some schools allows 88/ 90 TOFEL but demands above average (more than 50%) in the GRE. There is no way an international student could score higher than 150 verbal if he only gets 88 in the TOFEL. 


 Anyway, I hope you highlight the flaws in the GRE in whatever research you are doing.

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