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need help with editing my sop

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hi, everyone. i am the newest member of this exciting community. 

i was searching some sop editing help online. but these are way beyond my means. i come from a small city in india where it is difficult to find anyone who can help me with this task. so any one who can help me edit my sop and point out my mistakes and faults. plz help me with it. plz read below my scholarship sop. thank you all.


I see myself as a conscious citizen and critic of human society. Being endowed with an intellectually inquisitive mind, I keep myself updated on the issues around me and analyze the causes as well as possible solutions to it. If on one side the vast socio-economic progress impresses me, on the other side, the widespread injustices agitate me. Being an ardent reader and writer, I believe quite strongly that great changes are possible by exploiting the power of pen. And, the powers vested on the Media are the best means by which I can bring about the changes I wish to see in this world.


I took up English literature as my major, Psychology and sociology as elective papers with environmental science as a compulsory subject during Graduation. These subjects coupled with my science background, have pruned my writing skills, exposed me to “the best that has been known and thought in the world” and have equipped me to judge a problem from a multidisciplinary perspective.


My internship with two leading national dailies has given me an on field experience of the social issues and a month long intensive Creative Writing workshop has taught me the craft of writing. My Bachelor’s course and my internships have fully equipped me with the requisite aptitude to embark upon a program of higher studies.


Writing is the center of gravity of my creative world and involvement in Bharat Scouts and Guides and volunteering with NGOs have drawn me closer to grass root level of society and in turn their plight and suffering often inspires me to write. It has also instilled in me the zeal for participation in the development of society, self-reliance, dependability and capacity to co-operate and to lead. 

With the aim to strengthen my academic foundation and achieve excellence in the field of journalism, I have chosen to pursue a Master’s in Multimedia (Print & online) Journalism at a renowned British University like Westminster. My exposure to international current affairs, latest trends in the Western Media industry, cutting edge academic scholarship will shape me to utilize this knowledge for the development of my country. During my touring of the tribal dominated districts of Odisha with my mother, who is also a social activist, I have witnessed the distressful sight of the otherwise shy and isolated nature worshippers staging protest on the roads in a desperate attempt to draw the attention of materialistic civilization against encroaching upon their primordial land of riches, in the name of development. Mountains are cleared, trees are felled, and locals are displaced for industrial expansion, construction of dams and urban sprawl. These sights provoke the perennial question in my mind and heart, “can we progress at the cost of nature?” The erratic weather patterns in India coupled with the rising pollution with its adverse health effects are stark indications of dearth in sustainable developmental measures by government and lack of environmental awareness in public. Upon my return to my home country after completion of my master’s, I aim to utilize my advanced knowledge in newer concepts like green journalism acquired at Westminster University to spread green consciousness, to report and analyze environmental crises with focus on remedial measures, promote action on the issues by the policy makers and engage the public in protecting our planet. By fostering inclusive participation in environmental conservation and standing up against exploitative measures in the name of development, I believe I can put my country on the real path of progress.  


I belong to a middle class family and both my parents are retired government servants. So, it is difficult for them to fund my studies in UK. Consequently, in order to fulfill my dreams, I am extremely dependant on your prestigious Westminster scholarship. Besides, I strongly believe my academic achievements, my work experience, and my community service have all shaped me to be a worthy candidate for your prestigious scholarship. If granted, your scholarship would go a long way in giving me the best higher education necessary to harness my awareness and passion to the fullest and serve my country as a productive member of the fast growing Media industry in India.


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