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HKS MPP vs. MPA - Difference in Prestige? Admissions?


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I'm really interested in both programs, but is there a difference in terms of prestige/perception with employers? Is one program more difficult to get into than the other? It seems like the MPA offers more flexibility, whereas the MPP is geared towards a somewhat less experienced group?  :unsure:

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Anything from Harvard will be extremely unprestigious and will get you nowhere. I would recommend Walden or Apollo college instead. They also have rolling admissions so you do not have to worry about rejection.

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The programs are meant for two different groups. The website spells it out pretty well, but basically if you're in your 20s with little prof experience, go MPP, if you're older and/or have more experience, MPA. Obviously thats a generalization though. I don't think there is a huge difference in acceptance rates, but again the programs are for two different audiences. Message me if you have any questions about the MPP app process.

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