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Asking for advice/input as well...

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Hey All,

As we are all getting close to decision time, I also would like to ask for some input. I applied to way too many schools and have finally narrowed it down from 11 to 4.

NYU Wagner - 1/2 tuition scholarship

GPPI - no funding, under consideration next week

GWU - alternate for fellowship (might be where I go if I end up getting the fellowship)

LSE - no funding, decisions on scholarships made in May/June

Right now, NYU Wagner was the place that "clicked" with me the best. The faculty and other students were people I felt that I would like to be around for the next 2 years. I also loved GPPI, but if I don't get funding it will be super expensive. I also liked GWU, especially clicked with a professor who is working on higher ed policy, pell grants, college readiness, etc. Also, I think I will eventually end up in Washington, D.C. Should I go there for grad school or experience someplace else and then go? I feel like Wagner has a good alumni base and connections in D.C. Thoughts on that?

LSE is the wild card. London would be amazing for two years. I am mostly interested in American politics however. So, I'm not sure about LSE. It would be great to get that international perspective.

April 15 is approaching fast!! On that note, I should also get on filing my taxes...

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It sounds like you are really excited about Wagner, which also gave you the best package. I think it sounds like a great option. In terms of name recognition, I think NYU and Georgetown are considered equals.

Even without the Wagner alumni in DC, I don't think attending a school outside of DC will prevent you from getting a job there later on. Certainly, it won't matter for federal government jobs. And, I doubt it will hinder you in other areas. (For example, I attended a large state school with no helpful alumni network in DC and obtained a degree in a subject entirely unrelated to public service. But, I was able to land a job with an organization where I had been a local volunteer outside of DC.) And, yes, it sounds kind fun to live in another city before you settle down in DC. Good luck!

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I agree with linden. The NYU name is well-respected, and it seemed like the alums I met at the LA reception thought the name helped them land a job out there, without a significant alumni network on the west coast. I really liked all the professors I met there, and it seems like a great option. I'm seriously leaning toward GPPI right now, but I think Wagner would be an excellent option for you.

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I don't think attending a school outside of DC will prevent you from getting a job there later on. Certainly, it won't matter for federal government jobs.

While this is true at many schools, NYU seems to be uniquely New York-centric. It's been described to me as a feeder for NYC civil service. Of course It's not impossible to take an NYU degree to DC, but I was advised to avoid NYU if I had any reservations about spending a large part of my career in New York.

If federal is your goal I would strongly suggest that you to talk to NYU alums working where you you'd like to.

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