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How to decline/accept?


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I think it depends on the university. In my case, emails were enough to decline and I had to fax/mail a form in order to formally accept (I also sent an email to notify the DGS at my program that I had decided to accept because the form was addressed to the Graduate School). Additionally I sent emails to prospective advisers at all of the programs that offered me admissions to let them know of my decision.

The best bet is to contact the school that you want to attend and ask how you should accept. Usually an email is all you need in order to meet the April 15 deadline and you might be asked to follow up with a signed form in the mail later. For schools you decline, I think their offer is no longer binding if they don't hear back from you by Apr 15 anyway, but some might want you to fill out a form as well. Start with an email and they'll let you know if there's another formality involved.

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