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Protocol for Speaking with POI from School I was Rejected from


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Hello There!


So, a little background. I was recently rejected from the University of Michigan, which was my top choice prior to the graduate visitation weekends. There was a POI there that I had gotten in contact with in September, and s/he suggested speaking over Skype in October. I was able to ask questions after the informal Skype interview regarding future projects and summer research opportunities, and I informed the POI once I had completed my application in mid-November. My question is, should I inform them personally of my rejection? My thinking is that I had some personal interaction with the POI, who reached out to me for an informal interview, and it would be nice to let them know. On the other hand, this may not be considered proper etiquette, and I would appreciate some guidance on the matter. Thank you in advance!

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I suggest something like:

I'm just sending this quick note to say thank you for speaking with me and... blah, blah last year. Although I was not offered a place in the program at X University, I really enjoyed our conversations. I'm very interested in your work on X and would like to stay in touch. I plan to enroll at X university / I plan to apply again next year and look forward to blah, blah, blah.

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