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Columbia Instead of Master of Arts, Master of Education, HELPPP


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Hello, I am in a terrible situation, I just received an email from Teacher's college stating that my application is complete. However, reading the email I realized that instead of applying for Master of Arts (I don't have a Master's degree), I applied to Master of Education program and one of the requirements is Master degree for that program. What should I do now? Throughout my SOP I have mentioned Master of Arts, so I have no clue how I chose the wrong program...


Should I call Columbia, email? or there are 0 chances now. DESPERATE 

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Just write that there has been some problems and that you want to fix it. It can turn out OK. I applied when the deadline has passed but they still allowed me in. They are pretty flexible when these things happen. Nothing wrong with writing and asking at least.

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Thank you everyone :) Emailed admissions and found out it is the system on their end that made me confused. All the applications are made for Master of Education, then those without master's degree are reviewed for Master of Arts, so big huge RELIEF 

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