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External scholarships and chances of admission

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Hey guys,


I did a little research over this section and I couldn’t find anything related to this topic, so if I’m being repetitive, please point me out to where I can gather more information on this topic.


Here's the situation: I will be applying with a full-scholarship from my country to pursue graduate studies at the US. I have heard that most schools ask for whether you have secured or have applied to external scholarships. What I would like to know, though it is not a formal question about admissions, is whether coming with a full-scholarship has any impact on your chances of being admitted.

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Of course it has. From what I have heard on this forum, normally, international students are very expensive for a department because the tuition is much higher than for residents.

If you have already secured funding you don't have this disadvantage -- assuming it covers the tuition cost. 

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From what I understand, most students are turned away because there is no funding for them.  Therefore, if you come with funding and are at least a moderate choice, you will get accepted.  Of course, I'm sure it depends on fit as well. 

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