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Non-degree and Conferences

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Hi all,


I'm thinking about taking some courses as a non-degree student to enhance my applications (as my undergraduate degree isn't directly related to the field I want to pursue), and I was wondering if anyone knows whether non-degree students are eligible to attend/present at conferences and university research days?





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To my knowledge, there is nothing that will say you are not able to - assuming there are no strange anthropology specific rules. I'm sure there's no rules keeping you from attending, and presenting should be no issue either if you have something of merit to present. 


I think the easiest way to make this happen is to start working with a professor at your school doing lab work, etc. Your student status usually makes it easier for professors to fund you rather than an outside consultant, so cheap labor is really your selling point on that front - get used to it haha. I don't imagine anyone is going to be too keen to start a project from scratch, but working your way into and contributing to a project would perhaps lead to the ability to present that work at conferences. 

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