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Visiting Excitement


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Hey guys!

I've noticed a trend where every time I visit a school I get positively thrilled about it for a few days and then am able to think logically about my choice again. I'm making my decision on Wednesday because my life next week will be 10x more difficult and I want to get grad school decisions out of the way. However, I just got back from UC Davis last weekend and am absolutely enamored with it. The impression I'm having right now is that it feels even more like a perfect fit that the other ones did right after I came back, but I'm not really sure if I can trust that impression. I had all of my worries about the area assuaged and loved the involvement of the grad students (as compared with UA).

Not really looking for advice here, but just wondering if anyone else has experienced this effect after visiting schools.

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I definitely feel the same effect. After my last school visit, I was nearly positive I was going there, but I made myself wait a full week before accepting because I KNOW how visits excite me. Oddly enough, I felt like that excitement was less of a factor there because it wasn't as friendly and fun-seeming a place as the other school I was strongly considering (not so much a red flag as a New England vs. southern cultural thing, I think), but the choice seemed very clear financially, academically, and geographically. I think the week of waiting just made me more comfortable with and clear on the decision. Good luck :)

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