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Internships during CS PhD program


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Leaving for a software engineering internship is, in my experience, uncommon. However, a summer research internship is not uncommon at all. Most students in my program are advised to intern at a research lab at least once, maybe twice, over the course of their PhD. If we're not interning during the summer, then we're either teaching or continuing research.


It's a good question to ask your advisor -- how frequently do they recommend that you intern? Or, if you're not attending a PhD program yet, ask students at the schools you visit. They can give you an idea of what's expected at their program.

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About 3/4 of people in my current lab have interned at Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc. as a non-research software engineer.

Interesting! I hadn't heard of that. What research field are you in?

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Does this differ from institution to institution?

I am doing a lot of internships in my undergrad studies and I think it has benifited me a lot. There are also small projects that I brought to my schools from my employers. I would really like to continue this in my doctrol studies as I want to go into distributed systems and networks, which is very practical field imho.

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