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research experience outside of degree program


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Hey guys, 


How difficult is it to get involved in some academic research outside of your degree program? this is curiosity speaking mostly- but say I wanted to dip into the social sciences (qualitative/quantitative research and the like) whilst doing a BA or MA in the humanities? Is it ever the case that a researcher may allow you to "tag along" or sort of be apprenticed just to see what it is like?


I know funding is a huge deal and researchers with grants can't just take on casual students who just "want to see", and that most assistant work goes to PhDs, though I did have a friend who helped her professor with some banal data collection during undergrad and got her name in the subsequent book, which is cool.


Sometimes I just feel a little restless within the confines of my degree and like the idea of having another research tool at my disposal, but do not have the finances or the time to pick up another degree in another discipline.


Any experience with this sort of thing?




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