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How about Duke BME master


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Hi, I got a master AD (no funding) from Duke, Dept. of BME. I know that the PhD program of BME there is highly recognized. But I do not know much about the master program of BME in Duke?

Is anyone here from Duke BME or know something about the master program in BME there?

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I don't know much about Duke's BME program, but in general PhDs and MS are put into the same bucket. You have the same lecturers, save labs, same facilities. Thus if a university is well regarded for a certain graduate program, that means both PhD and MS. Ranking for example do not differentiate between PhDs and MSs, they are both graduate study.

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In most BME programs, it is more important who your advisor/PI is rather than the school. But Duke's ranking is in the top 10 (maybe top 5), so it's much better than a school that's ranked somewhere in the 30's. Is it MS? Because sometimes they fund you for Master of Science degree, but not Master of Engineering. My school funds MS people at least.

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