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University of Nebraska Lincoln GRE Scores


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New here and just started my application for UNL for Fall 2015. It's for the Counseling Psychology program through their Educational Psychology Department (http://cehs.unl.edu/edpsych/graduate/copsych.shtml) , so it's different than their general Psychology department and I can't find any relevant stats on their mean GRE scores and GPAs for accepted students. The stats that are available are for the general psychology department which is research based and completely different program (http://www.unl.edu/gradstudies/prospective/programs/Psychology).


Anyone have any experience with this school or know any relevant information to this program? I've asked some questions via email to the department, but thought I could check here too.

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The good news is that UNL does not have a GRE cutoff number, although I'm sure there are rough ranges considered acceptable in the department.  Probably not posted.  I applied to UNL for different major and could not find any info about average GRE or GPA info, so maybe it's just not out there for the public.  No matter what your GRE ends up, you should still apply.  Mine was very low for quant and I still got into a 'reach' school, and now I wished I'd sent applications to a few more places!

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