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Celebration Cigars


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SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: Cigars Are Not A Safe Alternative To Cigarettes.

Disclaimer aside, for all of us out there who are connoisseurs, hobby smokers, and nicotine fiends, some of us have a ritual at the end of a major accomplishment/happening/event - that being the smoking of a relatively expensive cigar. I want to know what you like to smoke on such occasions!

Since I have been to Canada and back a lot in the past few years, I most often just smoke a Cuban. I know, bad me, but anyway... This year I wanted to go for something like the Montecristo White #2 and the like... But any of you out there celebrating with a cigar? Got any tasty treats you like and want to fill us in on?

And for you nonsmokers out there - what do you do in these moments where ritual plays a role? Do you drink heavily? Drop acid? Spend time with friends and family? Break a pi

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I was given a delicious cigar-shaped chocolate to celebrate once. It was solid chocolate, though, and personally I prefer a creamy filling.

Hmm... Yeah, a cream filling is better. But you also gave me a great idea of how to incorporate my nonsmoker pals into this old tradition of huff-and-puff...!

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