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chances to a grad program?


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Hi guys,

sorry if I posted this in the wrong place.

I have an overall GPA of 3.42 and a major GPA of 3.02 ( I am a Biology Major) I will graduate this december, so my cumulative gpa may be 3.5 or a little higher,


My only lowest grade is a B- (only 1). 


I want to apply to a biotechnology or physiology masters program , do I have some chances with this gpa???

 I do not have any research experience.

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I'm glad that you want to pursue a master's, but you might have a hard time finding a funded master's with a lower g.p.a. an no research experience.  If I were you, and this is what I did because my undergrad gpa is lower than yours, I would get a nice technician position in the research type you want to pursue, maybe take some grad level courses, and do some networking along the way.  But who knows, you might be able to get into a non-funded master's somewhere.  But who wants to pay for grad school?  Good luck!

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An unfunded master's program may be possible but not recommended. Find work as a lab tech. If you like it, you can stay in that field. If you find you would rather drive your own research, take that experience and find a funded program.

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Quick question everybody. I'm in a bit of a dilemma. So my undergraduate GPA is a 2.57. I have a degree in Psychology and Biology. I got my Psych degree Spring 2013 and my Biology degree just a week ago. In undergrad as a freshman I started off in Biology and did terribly due to immaturity and after Spring 2011 having to deal with what many families had to deal with that had family members living in Syria and Egypt. I was already on slippery slope with a 2.67, but when my GPA fell even further due to everything that was going on, I struggled to bring it up. I did significantly well when I switched to Psychology with 2 As, mostly B's and a couple C+'s in my Psychology classes. When I came to my second university, I began to significantly improve in my upper level biology courses. My last two semesters ended up with a much better performance in upper level biology grades. Keep in mind, my performance in the past was absolutely terrible with a few F's in those semesters when the civil wars broke out. However, from Fall 2010 and before, I can only blame myself.

Cell Biology- C+ (over the summer)
Fall 2013 (2.96 GPA):
Microbiology- B
Vertebrate Physiology- B
Pharmacology- C
Virology- A-

Spring 2014 (3.0 GPA):
Evolution- B
Developmental Biology- B
Neurobiology- C
Medical Terminology- A

I took my GREs and came out with a 155 V and 156 Q with a 4 on the Writing. I've been doing research at the University with my professors and I'm also going to start doing research at St. Jude Children's and at a medical school nearby for the next year. Thus by next May, I'll have 2 years of research experience at major institutions along with being a tutor/teacher and volunteer at many youth programs. What's scaring me at this point are my 2 C's and that one C+, especially with my background. I'll be retaking my organic chemistry, basic biology, and physics since those can be replaced with a performance under my more mature self. Do I have a chance at entering biomedical sciences programs at all? I feel like this is not enough.

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Nobody else has responded so I will. I have a hard time recommending you apply for a graduate program. I could maybe see you trying for a MS, but those grades are going to hurt you and your GRE score isn't anything special. I can certainly see an adcom overlooking your grades during the war, but your recent GPA still doesn't hit what they're after.

Network well with St Jude's, that'll help your career a lot.

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