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PhD Competitiveness


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Good afternoon, all.


Years ago, I used this forum to gauge my chances of getting into an MPP program. I got into all 3 that I applied to and graduate in August 2012 from GWU's TSPPPA. Loved the school and thought it was a great program.


I am now considering a PhD because I like the research aspect of my current job. I want to get more in depth with it, and transition to a think tank or academia. To that extent, I was hoping I could get help gauging my competitiveness in a PhD program in public policy/administration.


Undergrad: 3.7 GPA, B.S.B.A. - Econmics

Grad: 3.7 GPA, MPP - State and Local Budget and Tax Policy

GRE: (old scores) 770Q, 580V (both in the 90th percentile); can't remember writing score

Work Experience:

  • Research assistant with George Washington Institute of Public Policy
  • Research assistant/intern with Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
  • Research work with Pew Center on the States
  • Program Management Analyst for the National Science Foundation
  • Fiscal Analyst at Arizona Joint Legislative Budget Committee
  • Policy and Research Analyst at Arizona Association of Counties

The schools I am considering are: ASU (I live in Phoenix, so could get in state and keep my job/benefits); UC-Denver; American U; Georgetown; GWU; UI-Chicago; UMD - College Park; NYU or Columbia (maybe a stretch?); Pitt; George Mason; UVA


Are these schools too far a reach? Or are other schools not listed a better idea?


Any feedback is much appreciated :)

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