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Please help me with my resume


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I really appreciate it if anyone could help me solve some issues with my resume. Also if you have a little extra time, would you please read through and help me to see if here is anything wrong with the resume and I didn't know. I have bolded the questions under each section and those are the issues I have so far. Thank you!


General Question: Can I set the margins to be 1/2 inch? I found it online that 1/2~1 inch is fine but some people say I have to use 1.








University of Delaware, College of Engineering                                                                                        Newark, DE           

Candidate for Bachelor of Chemical Engineering                                                                                        01/2010 − Present

Minors in Chemistry, Mathematics, and Economics

Cumulative GPA: 3.42

Northwestern Polytechnical University, School of Electronic and Information                                               Xi’an, China                                                                                                                                                                                            Attended for freshman year in Electronic Engineering                                                                          09/2007 − 07/2008

Cumulative GPA: 3.32


Question: I attended a college back in my hometown for a year and then transfered over to UD, is 'Attended for freshman year in Electronic Engineering  ' a good way to say it?

Question: Should I use '01/2010 − Present' or just my graduation term, which is May 2014



Bio-Based Bicycle Lubricant (In Progress)                                                                                               06/2013 − Present

Researcher, under the supervision of Adjunct Professor Dr. Mark B. Shiflett from DuPont                                Newark, DE

  • Developed a reproducible method to measure the performance of lubricants using a tribometer
  • Collected comparable coefficient of friction, wear, density and viscosity measurements for nearly a hundred bicycle chain lubricants available on the market
  • In progress of examining how the properties and biobased components of lubricants affect their performance
  • In progress of formulating better preforming Bio-Based lubricants using correlations discovered

Lithium-ion Battery Electrode Materials & Rechargeable Metal-Air Battery                                   12/2011 − 08/2013

Research Assistant, Center for Catalytic Science & Technology, University of Delaware                                   Newark, DE

  • Prepared mesoporous silica templates including KIT-6 and SBA-15 for Cobalt Oxide Nanoclusters
  • Compared the electrochemical performance of Li1+x MnO3 layered electrodes synthesized between 400 °C to 900 °C for Lithium-ion Batteries
  • Identified that Li1.5MnO3 synthesized at 500 °C achieved the highest discharge capacity ( 230.79 mAh g-1)
  • Verified AlF3 coating effectively enhanced the stability of Li-ion batteries with Li1+x MnO3 electrodes
  • Designed and machined a casing for secondary Zinc-air battery for catalyst testing

Question: For the first research project, I don't know if I need to put 'in progress' in the title. The first two pullet points are aleady done but we are in progress doing the last two, which is the goal of the project. I was told to only use verb to start any pullet points but I don't know how to say it. For example 'In progress of examining how the properties and biobased components of lubricants affect their performance' if I use examined, it is a lie, but if I don't mention this, the project seems pointless.



Race Car Brake Using Bio-Based Materials

Design Engineer in project for the course: CHEG 624 Bio-Based Materials

  • Analyzed the design criteria and carried out a method to replace petroleum phenolic resin by using copolymers made from Lactic Acid and Acrylated-Epoxidized Soybean Oil
  • Optimized expected performance of the brake and achieved 100% Biobased content

Green Heating Solution for Rural China

Group Leader in project for the course: CHEG 625 Green Engineering

  • Investigated negative consequences of traditional heating methods that are widely used in rural China
  • Developed geothermal heating system and mini-district heating system as alternative sustainable heating solutions for rural China that take advantage of abundant geothermal and biomass resources, respectively

Purification of Acetone in a Ternary Mixture with a Focus on VLE in an Ebulliometer

Group leader in project for the course: CHEG 345 Chemical Engineering Lab 1

  • Performed experiments to study binary behaviors of components and summarized that Van Laar model is sufficient for the calculation of activity coefficients
  • Simulated various purification process and identified the most effective system in terms of cost and recovery of Acetone



Design of a Fuel Cell System and Evaluation of Fuel Sources

Data Engineer in project for the course: CHEG 345 Chemical Engineering Lab 1

  • Designed a hydrogen fuel cell stack that produces 10 kW of electrical power based on experimental data
  • Compared the cost, theoretical and actual efficiency of the fuel cell stack with conventional power sources


Question: Since I already named the section as 'course projects', I don't know if I still need to put locations and time for each of the projects.




Hofung Technology Company, Ltd.                                                                                                    Beijing, China

Interned as design engineer                                                                                                                         06/2012 − 08/2012

  • Received training on AutoCAD Plant 3D, became experienced by participating in the preparation of the engineering package for a 1400 mptd urea granulation project
  • Explored the possibility of reducing the solid recycle temperature of a fluidized bed from traditional 70°C to 50°C, eliminating the need for a final cooler
  • Developed green fluidized bed granulation technology that theoretically reduces capital cost and energy consumption by 10% and 15% when compared with conventional technology, respectively

Hofung Technology Company, Ltd.                                                                                                       Beijing, China

Interned as assistant field engineer                                                                                                 06/2011 − 08/2011

  • Assisted the revamping of Jincheng Tianze Fertilizer Plant, which achieved 65% boost in production while energy consumption and urea dust emission were reduced by 14% and 83%, respectively
  • Participated in the startup of the revamped process by tuning instruments and adjusting air flow control valve

Shaanxi Weihe Coal Chemical Industry Group Company, Ltd.                                                                         Xi’an, China

Interned as trainee engineer in the Sulfur Recovery Plant                                                               07/2008 − 08/2008                       

  • Received professional training and contributed to the installation of various instruments and electrical equipment as well as instrument calibration and tuning
  • Assisted in a progress inspection, ensuring that design specifications were met


  • Wang, W; Wang, M.G., 2012. Fluidized Bed Granulation. Netherlands Patent Application No. NL2009297, Filed Aug. 2012. Patent Pending.


Question: This two sections I do not have problems identified yet. Please let me know if you find anything.



  • Dean’s List (Four Times)
  • T.W. Fraser Russell Undergraduate Enrichment Endowment                                                                               05/2013
  • Internship Award for Excellence                                                                                                                            08/2012


  • Software: Matlab/Simulink, Aspen Plus, AutoCAD Plant 3D, LabVIEW, Microsoft Office
  • Instruments and Equipment: Operation of Glove Box, White Light Interferometer, X-ray Diffractometer
  • Others: Mechanical Drawing, Machining (Mill, Lathe, Metal Fabrication, etc…)
  • Language: Proficient in Chinese, fluent in English


Founder, University of Delaware Housing Consulting Service (HCS)                                                          09/2010 − Present

  • Recruited a group of undergraduate volunteers that helps international students find proper off-campus housing before or after their arrival to the United States
  • Led the team which has provided over one hundred free in-house inspection and lease review services

Minister of IT Department, The Chinese Students and Scholars Association                                        02/2012 − 05/2013

  • Supervised a group of five members in the construction, maintenance and administration of the official website and forum

Member, The American Institute of Chemical Engineers                                                                                  08/2013 – Present

Member, University of Delaware Chinese Basketball Association                                                                 09/2012 − Present


Question: In the TECHNICAL SKILLS section, under software, do I need to say microsoft word, excel, ppt .... instead of Microsoft Office? I don't want to take much space. Also any advises on those sections?




Thank you very much for your time!!!!!!!!

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I'll give the best comments I can given the formatting as it shows here.

1. I think 1/2" margins are fine
2. I don't think you need to say "attended for freshman year"- the dates are listed and that should be sufficient
3. You can write "01/2010-Present", but instead of "Candidate for...", you can write "Bachelors in ____ , expected May 2014"
4. Instead of "In progress of.." you can write "Currently..." (ie, "Currently examining how the properties...")
5. For the course projects, it wouldn't hurt to add the semester after each course name (ie, Chemical Engineering Lab I, Fall 2013)
6. General Microsoft Office as a skill is sufficient.

These should address your specific issues- let me know if you don't understand any of my suggestions, and I certainly welcome anyone else to disagree with my suggestions. I can continue to look for general edits, as can anyone else posting!

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