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Hey I'm a senior at a school in Baltimore, Maryland. My major is Biology with a concentration in cell and molecular biology. I had a hard time acclimating college and my GPA suffered. This is my last semester of my undergraduate career and I'm retaking some classes but my GPA is a 2.7. I am scheduled to take my GREs next week. I am currently interested in Immunology and Microbiology sciences. Are there any master or Phd programs that dont have GPA admission requirements above a 2.7 and still are taking applications? I have about a year and a half of research experience and have strong letter of reccomendations

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I haven't heard of any PhD programs with deadlines this late. The admissions processes is usually once a year, with application deadlines around Dec 1 to Jan 15. Someone else may have some ideas, but I think you may have to wait until next year. Most programs are currently in the middle of interviews or finishing them. It's also very difficult to get accepted with a GPA below 3.0, the exception being if your grades have a very strong upward trend and you can explain why in your SOP. It might be best to take a year, keeping doing research, and maybe take some post-bac classes to improve your GPA. Best of luck!

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I'd like to weigh in here too.  I had a rough time my first year of college (ended with a 2.96).  Now, I'm graduating in May and my GPA is just under a 3.5 (3.46, probably will go up a little after this sem.).  I recently got admitted to graduate school in genetics.  The main issue I see with your post is similar to what LMac said.  Most schools had deadlines by Jan 15 at the latest.  Many schools are interviewing/rejecting/accepting currently as I've done all three.  Also, many schools have a 3.0 requirement, and while you may have a chance with a 2.99, a 2.7 is pretty far below that line (I don't want to sound harsh, but it kinda came off that way).  I'd say your best bet is to get into a post-bac or Master's program, strengthen your GPA and show graduate schools that you do have what it takes to survive a PhD program.  Your research experience and LORs won't hurt, and hopefully (as mentioned above) you have an upward trend in grades with your upper level bio courses having "A" grades.  Getting in this year is unlikely, but there's always a chance in the future.  Good luck!

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