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Tulane or Temple


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Hi, everyone.

I need your help in choosing schools between Tulane and Temple. My major is ms-finance.

The cost is almost the same since temple's 2 years program needs 30,000 per year while Tulane's program costs 69,000 for one year.

Their business schools are about 50 nationally while Tulane has much better overall ranking than Temple.

I hope you guys can give me information to make this difficult decision.


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If you plan on applying to PhD programs, I would go with the two year choice, since it allows you a year to excel at your MS before you need to complete applications (instead of a few months).

If not, I would go with Temple. I like Philly a lot, and there are a lot of business opportunities in Philly/DC/NYC, where your school might have some connections after graduation.

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