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University at Buffalo, and more, please help


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Hey all,


I'm waiting it out from India. That's harder than you'd imagine. I applied to the Global Gender Studies program and for the longest time there wasn't any update in my status. It just said that my file had been reviewed on 10/1. When I got up today it had changed to 2/17. But the decision section was still blank and I haven't received any messages on email or on the phone. Anybody hear anything so far? Or at least from one of the UB social science departments?


I also wanted to share that my bf goes to UB at the Physics department. Is there an accepted way I can share this information with my prospective department at such a late stage? I haven't applied anywhere else. I intend to fill out a few late MFA apps if UB does not work out, but getting through here is extremely preferable, even to a more prestigious program. If I wanted to highlight the fact of our wanting to be together, should I approach the grad school or the department? Is it a good idea for him to just walk into the office one afternoon and have an informal chat? Or are these things generally frowned upon? Someone tell me!!



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