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Hey everybody! Having grown weary of searching through other threads for Vandy info I figured I would go ahead and create a specific discussion about it. How many of us have applied, and in what subfield? I noticed that there are two results posted, an acceptance and a rejection, and I was hoping I could reach out to one or both of you guys to share whatever extra information you may have. For the rejection, first off sorry you got bad news, but did you get any extra info when you emailed the department, such as whether they have made all their decisions already or the total number of admits they're going to have this year? And for the acceptance, congratulations!, if you don't mind me asking, who was your POI? I notice you say you were interviewed...did they say they were interviewing additional candidates? Any word on final decisions? Feel free to PM me if you'd rather not display any or all of that publicly...


As for me, I'm applying for bioarchaeology and, other than a brief email from my POI to let me know that my application was being looked at I haven't heard much; no interview request, etc. How about you guys?

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