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What would you choose: Stanford’s BioE vs UIUC’s ECE?


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What would you choose: Stanford’s BioE vs UIUC’s ECE?
I (unofficially, but almost surely) got admissions from those two universities.
I am seeking your advice in choosing the institution for my doctorate program.
I am interested in bio-electronics, particular in medical imaging.
I think Stanford has (slightly) better reputation in engineering,
but I do not think that bio-electronics of Stanford’s BioE is better than that of UIUC’s ECE.
Actually, I think the opposite: 
UIUC’s ECE has better programs, faculty members, and reputation in bio-electronics, compared to Stanford’s BioE.
(If I am interested in bio-mechanics, synthetic biology, or bio-informatics, I would choose Stanford over UIUC)
But, if I concern other things like weather, environment, Silicon valley, and so forth,
choosing Stanford over UIUC seems more better decision.
Can you give me some advice?
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