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Any advice for future graduate student?


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Hello everyone,


I will be graduating in december 2014. Right now I want to apply for a masters program in Biotechnology (GPA: 3.42, may be around 3.5 at time of graduation), IF I will not be able to get into a program my plan B is to find a job, what kind of job I can get with my major?


I was thinking to work as a lab assistant/technologist to get some experience but I checked that almost everyone recommends a license/certification. Are there any jobs where I can get experience in a lab and do not require certification?


I know my question may sound ridiculous, I just want to know all kinds of possibilities... 


thanks in advance

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Do you want to go on to a PhD or just a Master's?  I'm graduating in May and my GPA is similar to yours (3.46).  I've been accepted to one grad school and interviewed at a few others.  What are your other qualifications (GRE, research experience, etc.)?  I think you'd have a pretty solid chance of getting into grad school for Fall 2015 if you have solid credentials.

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You know right now I just want a Masters in Biotechnology, I need to get some research experience (i.e. no research experience at this time), and at the university where I am studying at there is not so much places available.


of course after my masters I will consider to apply for a PhD or MD/PhD program, but again I need to have a solid back ground.


the reason why I am so confused is that this is my 2nd year of studies in the US, before that I studied in a Russian Medical School (won the green card lottery and transferred to a biology major program in 2012)


so a masters and/or a job is the best way to get both work experience and lab/research experience.


concerning the GRE - I will probably take it somewhere in august - september, I should start to study now ^_^'


references are not a problem =)

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