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Cornell PhD Mechanical Decision


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Has anyone received any application status update after 7/8th Feb when there was a flood of acceptances? I am waiting for this decision as this is my top priority?


Do you suggest me to contact graduate admission chair if they can re-evaluate my application for remaining spots or new spot? It is because the deadline to hearing decisions is coming near. :( So afraid and worried 


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I was informed by a graduate staff that few decisions are yet to be done by the end of this February. I don't know whether I will fall in that list or not. So do you suggest me to contact the graduate admission chair and ask him to re-evaluate my application if in case there is any opening by now?


Is it fine?

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You want them to look at the same application a second time? Why? What would have changed from then and now?


Yes, please listen to this user. All these sort of requests do is annoy the staff (speaking as a student staff assistant). First they will tell you that they can not review your application again. If you bug them enough, they may tell you that you will be considered again. We will then set your application aside with a note to reject again in a week or two. I suppose it doesn't hurt, but it doesn't help either.

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I sent similar email to the graduate chair  before posting this here. I KNOW I AM SCREWED :(  BUT NOW I WON'T DO THIS AGAIN AND WAIT FOR THE RESULT INSTEAD. :) IF YOU ARE DESTINED, YOU WILL GO ELSE NOT IN ANY WAY.


If a friend of mine received an email in late match with acceptance (USUALLY ACCEPTANCES ARE GIVEN IN MID FEB), there is still a hope!!!  CHEERS!

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