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Harvard SEAS Masters (S.M.)


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Hey guys, do u know anyone who has got admitted into the Harvard Seas 1 year master's program? I have not seen even a single admit on gradcafe till date (though every yr, there are 3-4 Computer Science MS admits). The official site says that each year they admit only about 15 students for master's program (http://www.seas.harvard.edu/audiences/prospective-graduates/grad-data) Why do they have such a small program? It would had been better if they didn't have master's only program just like MIT EECS.

I have applied to their 1 yr S.M. program. Since all the PhD admits are already out, I feel its a rejection for me. So should I contact the SEAS to know the results or just wait for it till mid march (which would be rejection anyways)?

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nope. I sent an email though. They haven't replied yet. I mean, I feel  99% I will get rejected, so no matter if they have this ms program, it doesn't matter that much.


Did you call? I know Mar.7th is seas open house 

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