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If a goal is worthy, then any means taken to attain it are justifiable

Are all means taken to attain a worthy goal justified? While some persons would argue that when goals are achieved through illegal means it loses justification, others argue that for man to self- actualize; he has to accomplish his goals with any means at his disposal. I believe the author's assertion is false, and if adhered to, it would corrupt humanity and lead to different vices and social problems.



Humans by nature are goal oriented; they strive to achieve set goals and in such accomplishment they find satisfaction. There are different ways to achieve goals, but are they all morally correct? For example, to get good grades students can take different methods to achieve it; they could study their lecture notes and attend classes; they could commit malpractices during their examinations; or they could bribe their lecturers. These three examples will bring the same result, the worthy goal of academic success, but are they all justified? It is clear that this assertion if followed to the letter will promote evil vices, as people would want to achieve goals at any price or cost.



To clearly illustrate my position the example of a man who wants to get rich and then goes on to rob a bank. Is he justified? Or a more egregious example of two individuals working in a company and seeking for a single promotion slot. If one plans to get that slot by working hard and quickly completing company tasks, while the other employee is feckless and gets the slot by murdering his rival. He has simply followed the claim that any means possible is justified, which is illegal and such precedence should not be accepted.



Although there are instances when the author's claim finds merit, for example, in cases of national interest where torturing an individual could be the only means of thwarting a bomb that will kill thousands on explosion. It can be argued that there are better ways to stop this explosion; the noble goal of stopping the bomb by torture, which is frown upon by international law, is accomplished, but still lacks a moral standing or correctness.



In summary, not all means used to achieve a worthy goal are justified. Examples like getting rich and getting good grades by illegal means illustrate this assertion. Such a statement can lead many naïve individuals into committing crimes to meet their goals.

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Young people should be encouraged to pursue long-term, realistic goals rather than seek immediate fame and recognition.


Should young people be encouraged to pursue long term goals rather than seek immediate fame and recognition? Proponents of this claim aver that pursuing long term goals will help young people have a secured future, while others argue that young individuals should be left to pursue their personal interests. I believe youths should be encouraged to pursue long term and realistic goals, for them to have a secure and stable future, and so that they don't take to crime due to their longing for immediate fame.



Young people are easily buoyed by fame and recognition; it is important that they are encouraged to seek long term goals so they can have the certitude of a secure and stable future. For example, encouraging young people to seek academic goals will be helpful to their future. A young man who heeds to such an advice would work hard to gain a college degree, then masters and other qualifications. With these he improves his chances of getting a suitable job in the future and will be able to meet his needs and those of his immediate family. Planning with long term and realistic goals gives youths a chance of a secure tomorrow.



Furthermore, the get rich syndrome has lead many of our naive young ones to crime. When youths seek instant fame and wealth they get involve in various kinds of crimes like internet scamming, conning and robbery. Refocusing their attention to options like education and business through encouragement of seeking realistic and possible goals will keep them away from such evils.  A recent study shows that majority of persons involved in internet scams are in their twenties.



Although some individuals want to be famous and be TV or hip-hop stars, not everyone who follows this path is a success story- just a few make it. Thus, when some of our young ones who don’t make it to fame fall off the wayside, they have nothing to hold on to. My country has a thriving entertainment industry and many youths have ignored education and all want to be superstars, most of them have regrets in the future.



In summary, young people should be encouraged to pursue long term, realistic goals rather than seek immediate success. Such encouragement will help our young ones make the right decisions for a secured future. If many of our jejune youths are not shown the right path to follow, our country’s future could be jeopardized





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