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Need advice selecting MSW program!


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Kind of double-posting, so sorry - but I would like to know anyone/everyone's opinions on these schools/areas. All of the MSW programs are good ones, so I am curious here about what the areas of the schools are really like/what the grad experience is like.

Right now, I am choosing between:

-UPenn: offered a GA position, which is room and board, but a single room in undergrad housing

-SUNY Albany: was informed (after applying) that they would not be offering any RA/TA positions

-Virginia Commonwealth: tuition is around $18,000/yr, and I am waiting to hear about an awesome Residence Director position which would provide an apartment and a $10,000 paycheck

I already declined an offer from Temple (just wasn't that into it), and am still waiting to hear from George Mason - which could potentially give a competitive RA/TA offer, so I've heard.

I'd love any input!

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