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Anyone considering NYU?


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Help! I am trying to decide whether to accept my offer of admission to NYU's Global Institute of Public Health and move across the country, or stay in Texas and accept my offer from the University of North Texas SPH. 

Both programs are in community health, and honestly, after looking at the course requirements/elective offerings, both programs are really really similar. The only differences I see are that at UNT you have to take the CPH exam as part of the program requirement (which could be a plus, actually) and take another exam as part of the culminating experience, while at NYU you just do an internship.

Of course, NYU is much more well known than UNT (although it's not a Columbia or JHU...), which could mean more connections, and better chances for getting a job after graduation because of name recognition, and more chances to do your practicum abroad. And living in NYC would be great (but expensive!) and perhaps offer more chances for internships at organizations in my area of interest (reproductive and women's health). But is that worth the almost 3x price tag (in tuition alone!) as compared to UNT? I am just so scared of getting in that much debt! But also afraid of passing up on a great opportunity just because I am scared of the price.

I did recently visit NYU, although because of bad weather/cancelled flights I was not able to attend a class, like I wanted to. I did like it a lot, although maybe not enough to make it my clear top #1 choice. 

So, If anyone is also considering NYU or have already decided to attend, what made you chose it over your other options? or if you are in a similar situation, any input would be appreciated. That April 15th deadline is getting closer and closer!

Thanks and sorry for the loooong message xclear.png.pagespeed.ic.D0ofg5A0xP.png

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Yes, I am considering NYU!... but have a different situation with funding. Not accepted yet, but have an impending interview.


The answer is... it depends and you have to consider multiple things:


How much debt do you currently have?

How much have you been offered in financial aid/scholarships?

Do a budget spreadsheet comparing all costs (tuition, fees, health insurance, travel, housing, etc.). Sometimes seeing the $$$ rack up will sway you.

How much more debt will you go into?

Do you want to eventually return to Texas or do you know if you want to live in NY permanently? 

Is there a possibility you will return to school for a terminal degree later on?

Are you interested in research? How do the schools compare with respect to your research interests?

What are the school's internship placement records? See if you can contact current students.

How do they compare in availability of resources to promote your career growth (i.e. travel grants, other opportunities?)


I chose a state school for my MPH, which was less than half the costs of private schools. It may not be JH or Harvard, but I received a fantastic opportunities... got a research job 1st year, excellent internship placements 2nd year (benchwork research and local health department), received a scholarship my last semester, TA opportunity, grants to go to APHA, and pending publication. Don't think that a small name gets you a small education. My concentration was small too, so we had an excellent student to faculty ratio.


Be realistic about what you want to do, how much you think your going to make when you graduate, etc. Do you want to pay off loans or buy a house? I think NYU is pretty good with funding so it may not be as expensive as you think, but definitely come in with an analytic approach and ask lots of questions. You have 6 weeks... plenty of time to weigh the options.


Good luck and congrats on you acceptances!


Let me know if you end up at NYU :)

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