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MSc Neurosience - Has anyone heard back yet?


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I just applied for some MSc Neuroscience programs in Canada and was wondering if anyone has heard anything?  I applied in Jan and Feb but apparently early acceptances start in Feb and the majority of acceptances are in March.  Maybe no one has heard anything yet but just hoping to keep this thread open so people can post when they have heard.

Has anyone else applied to Neuro or something related in Canada?  If so, what are you hoping to research?

Feel free to post even if you haven't heard yet so that we can at least anxiously wait to find out together :)


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I plan to apply to U of T psych and bio programs (my POI is in both and encouraged me to apply to both to increase chances of getting in somewhere) next fall. They don't have a neuroscience degree, but rather a collaborative neuroscience program that feels like an emphasis to whatever you are studying primarily.


I would love to study behavioral epigenetics. More specifically, the epigenetic mechanisms (if there are any. There has been little to no literature on this) behind caged stereotypies (abnormal repetitive movements for nonhuman animals). Research in caged stereotypies are a little scattered, in my opinion. There's too many definitions and "causes" that it ends up being a collaborative disorder than a symptom tailored to each species. They are all caused by poor welfare, but there really hasn't been one brain mechanism that explains all of them (hence "causes" is in quotes). That makes sense if you are talking about a disorder--it's like saying all symptoms of depression have one brain mechanism. That's why I want to throw out the label and look at the pattern of behaviors that is consistent between species. In this case, most of what are considered "stereotypies" are obligatory feeding responses inappropriate to the situation. Mice chew on bars. Tigers pace. Giraffes tongue-roll. Since D1 and D2 receptors are involved in feeding responses, I want to look into the regulation of those receptors in the epigenome of an animal that is performing stereotypies.


What about you? What do you hope to study?


Good luck this application season!

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I applied to Western and Queens. I heard back from Western around the second week in March with a conditional offer, and Queens around the third week in March with an offer. I've since decided to accept at Queen's University in Kingston.


Good luck!

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