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Applying For Geography PhD_2014


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Hi guys 


Does any one here applied for PhD in geography for 2014. my expertise is remote sensing (physical remote sensing) i have applied for 7 universities, and here is the result until now, 


- university of utah, accepted but without fund, notified via email fund would available if someone decline the acceptance. 

- Texas A&M, rejected, notified via website (application center) :(

- ohio state university, rejected notified via website :(

- kansas state university, nothing hear

- oregon state university, nothing hear

- university of michigan, no news

- Boise state university, no news

my toefl score is 102 (S 23, W 21, L 30, R 28) and my GRE is 303 (Ver 151, Quant 152). i have an article in IEEE and two other national journals and 2 presentation in international conferences. 

i was in contact with some faculties and i just applied for those who encourage me to apply. 


Does anyone know that i am qualified enough to get an acceptance?

should i send an email to Grd Dep and asking them for result or just Simply Wait?


these days are killing me!!!!





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